Dennis Design Works will design and develop all aspects of your website and internet needs. We can create content for your business or utilize existing information. We take care of all domain and hosting needs; this means we cover domain registration and renewal, e-mail and hosting. Moreover, we will provide technical services and ensure security measures are in place to help keep infromation safe. Building a website is the easy part; Dennis Design Works will maintain your site over the long haul to ensuring your site continues to work properly. Ongoing site administration includes ensuring updates are installed as needed, closing potential security vulnerabilities, updating content and graphics, and making any requested changes. While you have full control over your site, you will also have the comfort of knowing someone is taking care of operations.


Understanding how to utilize social media can be complicated and turn into a tangled mess. With new social media sites popping up all the time it can be hard to figure out what mediums are relevant to your business. We can help you understand the ones your customers may use and ultimately help your business function in the social world. To us social media is about providing customer service. Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, provide opportunities to connect with your customers on a more personal level. Mobile computing through devices such as phones, tablet's, or various laptops, has become common part of our everyday life. Different devices read websites differently depending on their platform. Images that display on your laptop may not always look the same on your phone. We ensure the transition from desktop computing to mobile computing is seamless for your customers.


A website will need to make use of various media types to capture the user’s attention. When used right, design elements will tell your story without having to use a lot of words. Designing website content is not like designing content for other forms of advertising such as print or television. Sites must be interactive where users contribute to the experience. Dennis Design Works is not a graphic design or production company by trade, but we do have the ability to help produce, create, or design most elements needed for a website. If we do run into needs that are beyond our capability, we can utilize a variety of specialty partners to ensure the work is done to your complete satisfaction. We can also make use of A/V content that is already on the web; for example, integrating YouTube videos into your site. All of these services are provided on an ongoing basis as well.


We provide ongoing tech support for your website and technology needs. With us you will always get a person, most likely an owner, not a call center. We know that your business will grow, develop, and have to react to your customer needs. Nobody wants a site that is outdated. We are here for you whenever & wherever. We are your “tech guy” for lack of a better term. We help our clients with a variety of technology needs by helping them find the right hardware, software, and systems to help their business. We understand that some of our clients may not consider themselves tech savvy, and our goal is to make the technology side of your business feel as simple as possible. We will do whatever we can to cut down on the time spent being aggravated by the Internet, and give you more time to focus on your business needs.